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This is the newest release of our own minecraft premium account generator. We’ve made a lot of changes since version 1.0, taking into account all the suggestions and feedback from you guys. The new version is easier to use, faster and has a lot more potential for minecraft premium accounts, a must have tool for every Minecraft player out there. And best of all: it’s FREE!

minecraft premium account

What the Minecraft Premium Accounts Generator Does

  • Searches the Minecraft Premium Accounts database
  • Decryption of passwords to readable state
  • 256 bit protection for the transmitted data
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
  • Fresh and simple interface

How to use this Free software

  • click on the generate button
  • you will see the username
  • you will see the corresponding password
  • use again if you need more Minecraft premium accounts

Download the Premium Account Generator for Minecraft for FREE here:

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For any issues with the tool, please contact us directly through the contact page. We are always glad to hear your feedback, which helps us a lot in improving the software.


Minecraft has been of the most popular games on the Internet for a long number of years. Started in Alpha stages, it since then developed under the guidance of Mojang, it’s founders, becoming the game of choice for many of the players online. In the beginning  Minecraft accounts were dirt cheap and anyone could afford them.
Nowadays, however, things have changed a bit. Along with the ever growing enthusiasm surrounding this amazing game, Minecraft account have soared in price, the official release going for something like $26. That’s a huge amount for a lot of players, although it does not seem like much for some.
This has lead to many people not being able to enjoy Minecraft anymore, since they could not afford it any longer. That is why we have come with a solution for all of you: a way to give everyone the chance for a free Minecraft account, a premium one.
Why are we giving them away for free? Because we love the game and we want to give back to the community that has always helped us. All the accounts in the database have been donated and shared by members playing Minecraft, so try not to abuse them. Also, there is no way to change the passwords specifically to allow for these accounts to stay safe and running.
If you cannot afford at the moment a Minecraft account, we give this chance to play for free. When you do have the money, please help Mojang keep up the game by supporting them with a paid account of your own. That’s only fair.
Note that with a premium Minecraft account you will have access to all its amazing features, play on great servers and be done with the dubious ones that allowed you till now.
So, to all of you Minecraft players out there, we wish you Happy Mining!

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